What requirements do you have to meet in order to invest in Breeze de Mar?


You just need valid official photo identification and at least 20% equity based on your total intended investment


Do I have to come to America to invest in Breeze de Mar projects?

If you want to come to Florida you are always welcome! However, it is enough to visit an American Consulate near you and to sign the required documents at the notary. The transfer of ownership and the “hand-over of the keys” will happen in USA after completion of the project. But for this purpose you may also mandate a representative of Breeze de Mar without additional costs. You are not forced to be on-site if you don`t want to.


How does the loan application work?


You get the loan from Breeze de Mar. Your guaranteed rental income is higher than your debt service, so no credit check is necessary. The loan will just be secured by a first mortgage on your real estate investment. You sign all necessary contracts together with the purchase agreement.


When will I get my rental income?


We credit your guaranteed rental income at the end of each month to your bank account. If you used the offered loan it will be your rental income less loan rates.


Can I decorate my apartment / my house in my way?


No. All apartments are styled and stuffed by renowned interior decorators. The consistent design of the whole resort has priority.


Who is responsible for damaged pieces of furniture in the house?


Breeze de Mar is responsible for all furniture and decoration in your apartment. If something is broken it will be renewed by Breeze de Mar immediately after taking note. After a 5-year-period furniture and decoration will be changed regularly anyway.


Who is paying for insurance, fees, tax, electricity, water, telecommunication and so on?


As long as you have a lease agreement with Breeze de Mar all associated costs will be paid by Breeze de Mar. This is part of the lease agreement.


Is Breeze de Mar a timeshare-project?


No! Breeze de Mar is no timeshare! The units you buy are belonging exclusively to you. You will get your certificate of title after completion. If you use the loan there just will be placed a land charge on the apartment, but nevertheless you are the one and only owner!


How can I take care of my apartment in USA from abroad?


You don`t need to do this at all! We take care of all matters concerning administration and organization of your property. For you it`s a pure investment.


How do I make tax and insurance payments?


With Breeze De Mar you will be paid by us for your tax and insurance payments in accordance with our lease contract.


Can I use my house myself whenever I want to?


Your House will be rented. Nevertheless you have the right to use your property for 2 weeks a year. This don`t cause any additional costs and you have no loss of rental income either. You just have to send us your request in a written form minimum 4 weeks before you want to use it.


Can I lease my own house or apartment?


If you want to rent a house beyond the annually 2-week-right of use you are welcome. You are welcome to do so, just contact the management.


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