How often will rental payments be provided?


Your account will be credited at the end of each month. If you have a mortgage with us we will deduct the mortgage from the rental income and remaining balance will be credited to your account.


What documents are needed to invest in Breeze de Mar?

We require a passport and advance payment.


Who is responsible if the furniture in the house is damaged?


We own the responsibility of all kinds of furniture and white goods in your home. At the end of 5 years we are renewing all the goods. 


How does the loan application procedure take place?


Since we financed the project entirely with our own resources, your loan is a loan that we will open to you. You are entitled to a mortgage and mortgage on real estate is sufficient for us. 


Can I decorate the house as I wish?


All apartments are decorated by renowned interior architects as it is built in the concept of Projemiz Resort Hotel.


Do I have to come to America to invest in property in America?


If you want, you can go to any American Consulate in Turkey and sign the required documents before the Notary and carry out your investment in the project. 


Who will pay Insurance, Dues, Electricity, Water and Telecom payments?


Insurance, Dues, Electricity, Water and Telephone payments will be made by us if you have a lease agreement with us. 


Is Breeze de Mar is a timeshare project?


No! Breeze De Mar is not a timeshare project. Your title will be delivered to you at the delivery date of the project. If you have used a credit, a mortgage will be placed at your title with a credit amount.


How am I supposed to deal with the property I bought if I am not living in America?


We do all the maintenance of your investments with Breeze De Mar. 


How do I make tax and insurance payments?


With Breeze De Mar you will be paid by us for your tax and insurance payments in accordance with our lease contract.


Can I use my house whenever I want?


Of course, your house is ultimately your house. Any time you wish you use the home you will forfeit the rental income for that period.



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